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About Us

Hi - we're Spencer and Kajal. We like to eat and travel and we use credit card points to do so. People always ask for recommendations or advice, or help earning and using points so we made a website to help people do what we do. 

While we used to travel just us, we now have a son so we also do family trips now.

What you'll get from us:

- Travel Itineraries 

- Food and Drink Reviews 

- Tips and Tricks for Using Credit Card Points

- Inevitably Baby Product Reviews because we have to keep buying things

- A bunch of stuff about Hawai'i because that's where we live (Kajal is Kama'aina and originally from here)

- Disney Stuff. We've been to every Disney Resort in the world. We're not "Disney adults"

- Help/ Answers to Questions Regarding Anything Above

What you won't get from us:

- Anything about cruises, we are not "cruise people"

- Anything about all-inclusive resorts

Favorite Foods:

- Spicy Things

- Garlicky Things

- Really good desserts that aren't too sweet

- A really well cooked piece of meat

- Local-kine Foods

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